Introducing the Umbrella Bag

The best disposable solution for wet floors!

The Wet Umbrella Bag, paired with one of our fantastic umbrella bag stands, has been designed to eliminate unsafe, wet floors in your property by offering your customers, visitors and employees the option to store their wet, dripping umbrellas in an easy to use, easy to open, disposable plastic Wet Umbrella Bag. Designed to be displayed at the entrance of your building, our Wet Umbrella Bags are a brilliant way to reduce slip-and-fall liability while keeping your floors dry and clean!

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    Plastic Umbrella Bags

Benefits of the Umbrella Bag

We’ll be honest, our Umbrella Bags rock! Just a number of the comforts of our Wet Umbrella Bag include:

  • Keep floors dry while avoiding slip and fall accidents
  • Reduces requirement for excess entryway mats.
  • Bags designed to be especially easy to slide an umbrella into.
  • Display that your company is one who cares about both its customers and employees.
  • Avoids unwanted rain water throughout store
  • Keeps customers’ clothes dry from wet umbrellas.
  • Bags are one size fits all – no need to manage multiple sized bags!
  • Reduces maintenance and labor from mop-ups.
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  • Plastic Umbrella Bags


We offer both the original and biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bag as well as metal and wood Umbrella Bag Stands. Pricing follows:

Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $52.95 / 2000: $104.95

Biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $62.95 / 2000: $117.95

Wet Umbrella Stands

Original: $49.95 / Designer: $164.95

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