Umbrella Bag Dispenser

Umbrella Bag DispenserUmbrella Bag Dispenser. Our Wet Umbrella Bag Dispenser has been especially designed to eliminate dangerous, slippery floors in your building by allowing your customers, employees, and guests to store their wet, dripping umbrellas in an easy-to-use plastic bag dispensed by one of our Wet Umbrella Bag Racks.

With its six pound heavy metal base and telescopic pole, our Original Wet Umbrella Stand’s stability is second to none! Its base sits on 6 rubber feet protecting your floors and preventing the stand from sliding.

Our Designer Series stands come in four different finishes and are all hand-made in Louisville, Kentucky. Each features its own unique granite base and hand-finished wood pole.

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Plastic Umbrella Bags

Don't forget to check out our Designer Series Stand!

Don’t forget to check out our Designer Series Stand!

Our plastic Wet Umbrella Bags and Stands are a cost-effective solution which keeps entryways preventing slip-and-fall injury. Don’t let rainy days make puddles in your lobby area! Place one of our Wet Umbrella Bag Stands in your entryway and promote facility safety! Our Umbrella Bag dispensers are freestanding structures that hold two rows of disposable umbrella bags. Our bags read “Please Bag Your Umbrella,” urging both guests and employees to stow their wet umbrella before they track rainwater through the building. Our Umbrella Bag Stands are available in both metal and wood!

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Umbrella Bag Stands

Umbrella Bag StandsWet Umbrella Bag Stands. Keep your facilities safe and dry by offering guests and employees a complementary Wet Umbrella Bag, dispensed by one of our Umbrella Bag Stands.

Place this Umbrella Bag Stand in the lobby or entrance way to provide customers with a plastic bag as they come in from the rain. Our Umbrella Bag prevents water from being carried throughout the building to reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents.

The Designer Series Wet Umbrella Bag Stands come in a set of four finishes and are all hand-made in Louisville, Kentucky. Each of these elegant stands features its own locally-sourced, unique granite base and a hand-finished wood pole.

Our  Original Wet Umbrella Stand features a telescopic pole and 6lb metal base making it one of the most sturdy, versatile Umbrella Bag Stands available. The stand also sits on six rubber feet providing even more stability while protecting your floors.

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Wet Umbrella Bags

Umbrella Bags on a StandDangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents can be prevented with Wet Umbrella Bags!

They prevent floor damage in carpeted areas and prevent accidents on hard floors due to wet umbrellas dripping. They are a smart, proven, convenient and economical way to help keep water off the floor.

Wet Umbrella Bags are used at any public/institutional facility, retail stores and malls, restaurants, office buildings etc. Facility managers should make sure that Umbrella Bags are available at each and every customer and employee entrance and that there’s plenty of stock on hand in advance of rainy weather. Businesses everywhere can protect their customers and themselves simply by providing convenient Umbrella Bags to everyone who enters their building. It’s inexpensive insurance against a huge potential loss.

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