Wet Umbrella Bags

Umbrella Bags on a StandDangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents can be prevented with Wet Umbrella Bags!

They prevent floor damage in carpeted areas and prevent accidents on hard floors due to wet umbrellas dripping. They are a smart, proven, convenient and economical way to help keep water off the floor.

Wet Umbrella Bags are used at any public/institutional facility, retail stores and malls, restaurants, office buildings etc. Facility managers should make sure that Umbrella Bags are available at each and every customer and employee entrance and that there’s plenty of stock on hand in advance of rainy weather. Businesses everywhere can protect their customers and themselves simply by providing convenient Umbrella Bags to everyone who enters their building. It’s inexpensive insurance against a huge potential loss.

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  1. Umbrella Bags Net (Author)

    Wet Umbrella Bags are a fantastic solution for rainy, wet days!